Quack Words, Context Clues and Irony

Here are this week’s Quack words:

Delineate, Nefarious, Vernacular, Brawn, Tout, Enhance, Hinder, Efface, Glutton, Hiatus.  Use http://www.dictionary.com or copy the terms from your neighbor if you were absent.

Context Clues–SADIE is the system we use to identify the context clue.

Synonym–Part of the sentence uses a synonym to help the reader identify what the word means.

Antonym–Part of the sentence uses the opposite of what the term means.

Definition–The definition to the word is somewhere in the sentence.

Inference–The sentence infers, or suggests what the word means.

Example–The sentence gives examples of the word within the sentence.


We also had a lesson on the three types of irony:

Homework:  Turn in note from home if you haven’t yet.  Write one original example for each type of irony.  Study Quack words. 

Quiz on Wednesday for irony; quiz on Friday for Quack words.


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