Setting, Foreshadowing, and The Cask of Amontillado

Today we have two more terms and a wonderful classic story by Poe!

Foreshadowing is the author’s use of clues to hint at what might happen later in the story.  Writers use foreshadowing to build their readers’ expectations and to create suspense.  This is used to help readers prepare for what is to come.


The setting of a literary work is the time and place of the action. 

The setting includes all the details of a place and time – the year, the time of day, even the weather.  The place may be a specific country, state, region, community, neighborhood, building, institution, or home.

Details such as dialect, clothing, customs, and modes of transportation are often used to establish setting.

In most stories, the setting serves as a backdrop – a context in which the characters interact.  The setting of a story often helps to create a particular mood, or feeling.

Today’s discussion questions:

How does foreshadowing and setting contribute to the suspense of the story?

What’s a time you tried to get revenge on someone?  Did it help?

We read this today.  Here is an audio version

Here’s a low-budget film version that kinda gets it right:


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