The Most Dangerous Game

Wednesday, 8/21/13

All students will take the 20-point quiz on irony today!!!

Today we begin reading The Most Dangerous Game.  We will examine the final two elements of our short stories today and tomorrow.  Today, we take a close look at “character.”

Protagonist–Our main character who faces the conflict.  Usually the good guy/girl although that doesn’t mean they always abide by the law.

Antagonist–The character or force that opposes the protagonist.

Direction Characterization–When an author simply states one of the character traits.

*Murray is mean.  Murry is tall.

Indirection Characterization–When the author shows us the character’s traits with actions, dialogue, etc.

*Murray shoved six freshmen on his way to lunch.  Murray ducked his head when entering the room.

Static Character–Character who stays the same throughout the story.

Dynamic Character–Character who grows/changes throughout the story (think of every Disney/Pixar film protagonist!) or Simba.

Here is the full text of The Most Dangerous Game.  There will be an open book/open note quiz on Friday worth 25 points along with the Quack Quiz.


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