Quiz today and short paper assigned!

Today we have a reading quiz over The Lottery.  It is open note, like every other reading quiz, but that also means no do-overs.  It’s simply a reading quiz to make sure you read the suggested material.  We will have a class discussion about The Lottery after the quiz.

Also, speaking of tradition:

“My family is weirder than your family!”

All families have certain traditions…some big, some small.  They can involve the holidays, birthdays, or just something you do at certain times of the year.  For example, my brother and I used to hate going back to school so much that the night before the first day, we would jump off of our front porch and land in a shrub.  (It didn’t start to feel weird until about the 11th grade.)

Here’s your assignment: Choose a specific and original tradition that you or your family members follow or used to follow.  The weirder the better!  You’re going to write two paragraphs of scene that show the reader how you carry this tradition out.  Use snapshots and thoughtshots to paint the picture for the reader and get the reader inside your head.  The third and final paragraph will be a paragraph that simply tells me why this tradition was important (or maybe why it wasn’t important and no longer happens).

Here’s a calendar to pace yourself for the next week:

Wednesday, August 28:  Assignment explained, brainstorm for ideas, list snapshots and thoughtshots.  Interview a family member at home.

August 31-September 2: (3 day weekend!) Get to work on first two paragraphs.  Save your work on a thumb drive or Google drive so you can access it from school.

Wednesday, September 4:  Class will go to writing center to finish drafts and correct formatting.

Thursday, September 5: Papers are due as you walk into class that morning.

Other tips:

-Keep it brief.  I’m not looking for a book here, just three paragraphs (don’t go over!).

-Be sure to use at least two thoughtshots and two snapshots (label them correctly).

-Find access to a computer where you can save your work or email it to yourself here at school.  You’ll also need to find a place to print it.  I WILL NOT PRINT YOURS FOR YOU THE DAY IT’S DUE.  Sorry, it’s your responsibility.  Late work = academic detention

-Refer back to the rubric often as you write and revise.  That’s how I’ll grade it!

Here is the rubric:

Family Tradition Rubric



6-5 points

4-3 points

2-0 points

Snapshots (in the first two paragraphs)

At least two underlined strong snapshots using imagery and multiple senses; very descriptive

One or two underlined snapshots, somewhat descriptive but only one sense

One or no snapshots with little to no imagery

Thoughtshots (in the first two paragraphs)

At least two bold thoughtshots that let reader inside thoughts

One or two bold thoughtshots that aren’t as detailed; Sound somewhat forced and unnatural

One or no thoughtshots that don’t allow reader inside thinking.

Third and Final paragraph

Strong topic sentence with supporting details that ties tradition’s meaning together

Missing either strong topic sentence or enough supporting details; Connection is weaker

Missing topic sentence, details and strong connection


Typed paper with correct heading, title, font, spacing, bold thoughtshots, underlined snapshots.  Fits length requirements

Two to three mistakes in heading, spacing, font; too many or too few paragraphs, etc.

Four or more mistakes in format


Grammar errors are minimal, creative, voice is present, original

Too many grammatical errors, voice is weak, somewhat unoriginal

Distracting amount of grammatical errors, clichés; unoriginal; effort is lacking


____Did I underline my snapshots?

____Did I make my thoughtshots bold?

____Is my heading correct?

____Did I include a creative title?

____Does my final paragraph have a strong topic sentence with supporting details that relate to the first two paragraphs?

____Do I have a way to transport my work from home to school and a place to print?

We will have some time in class to work on this,  but a majority of the effort needs to come from home!  Don’t wait until the last minute!


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