Onomatopoeia, personification, point of view, and cliches!

Question of the day:  “May I retake The Lottery Quiz?”

No.  You were told week one and many times since then that reading quizzes cannot be redone.  They’re open note and simply to see if you read the assigned reading or not.  If you didn’t do your reading homework, you probably failed.  If you did, you probably found it rather insultingly easy.  Let this be an early lesson.

Onomatopoeia is a “word that sounds like it sounds.”  Bang!  Crack!  Ding!  Moo!  These are all sound words…See how the old Batman series used to use them during fight scenes:

Personification:  Giving human characteristics to a non-human thing.

The trees moaned in the wind.  The dawn crawled up the horizon.  His fear screamed at him.

(Sorry, no fun video for this one.)

Point of view:

First Person:  Using “I” as the narrator.  I walked to the store.  I studied my vocab.  “Cask of Amontillado” was in first-person.

Second Person:  Using you (rarely used).  You hate to admit it.  You went away without for a long time.  You should study more often!

Third person omniscient:  An all-knowing narrator who can explain thoughts and feelings of more than one character.   We have not read a story like this yet.

Third person limited: Narrator only gives insights to one character during the story.  “The Most Dangerous Game” was third person limited.


Cliche–overused saying or phrase.  We looked at this PG clip to hear the 111 most cliche movie lines:


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