Grammar day! Simple subject and simple predicate…

Today we’re reviewing something you learned in grade school.  It’s very basic and has been covered before.  If you need extra help on it please see me before or after school for an additional lesson.

The simple subject is the noun or pronoun in the sentence that is doing something.

The simple predicate is the action that it’s doing.

Example:  The teacher ate an apple.

Simple Subject: teacher

Simple predicate: ate

Complete Subject is in bold, complete predicate is in italics.

Here is additional help I didn’t air in class:

Here’s some extra practice!

Directions:  Underline the entire subject, write the simple subject in the blank.


1.  A Hemingway novel was found on a shelf in the bedroom.  ________________


2.  Nicholas’s internship helped land him a full-time position.  ________________


3.  My grandfather built Madeline and me the porch swing.  ____________________


4.  The phone company sent Grace an updated bill.  _______________________


5.  The girl with the short hair peered through the hole in the fence.  ______________________


6.  Sales jobs pay good people high salaries.  ________________________


7.  Space exploration sounded interesting to Sabrina.  ________________________


8.  Written on the blue paper was a list of building instructions.  ______________________


9.  The express train will arrive shortly.  _______________________

10.  Mr. Durham’s assessment was the second grade of the quarter.




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