Thursday: Paper is due, review for test

Here is the study guide given to students on Wednesday.  We’ll complete them in class today and answer any last questions before tomorrow’s test over the short story unit.

Short Story Study Guide

1.  What was the theme of Where Have You Gone Charming Billy?  (Think what the main idea was and what the author was trying to say about it)

2.  Write two snapshots and two thoughtshots.  Review their meaning on the handout in your notes!

3.  Explain the difference between direct/indirect characterization, give one example of each…

4.  What are clichés?  Write two of them…

5.  What about personification?  What is it?  Define and give me an example…

6.  Describe situational irony and give an example…

7.  Onomatopoeia examples…

8.  What is setting?  What is foreshadowing?  How did the setting of The Cask of Amontillado act as foreshadowing in the story?

9.  Draw a plot triangle and label the parts.  Fill in the triangle using the plot from a story we read this unit including the climax…

10.  What are the two kinds of conflict? (what vs. what)  Think of a story we read and give an example of external conflict in it.  Now list one with internal conflict…

If we have time we’ll also practice using context clues to figure out what a word means.  (There will be one or two of these on the test as well though I don’t think they’re very tough).


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