Test results and a new unit

Happy Monday!  The test results were fairly strong.  While everyone passed and there were only a few Ds at all, most students found themselves in the high C or low B range.  We did have 4 perfect scores though, so congrats to those students.

While we only have a 36 minute class period today we’re going to start exploring the American Dream.  We’re going to take it a lot deeper than, “Go to college, get married, have kids, live in a house with a picket fence.”  Let’s face it, it’s not the 80s anymore and times have changed.  We don’t all start in the same place, but how much does where we start influence where we end up?  Does having a rough start in life make a person stronger or are they better off being fortunate?

We also listened to Fast Car and made the connection to our discussion questions…


Homework:  1st and 2nd hour were given a worksheet about the poem Harlem and metaphors.  4th hour gets it tomorrow.


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