More of Act I, quiz Friday

Our Act I Quiz will be on Friday.  You may use your outline sheets that I handed out yesterday.  There will also be four questions about finding the subject of the sentence.

Today’s Do Now reviewed that:

1.  Mike drove his car into a tree.

2.  Gail’s emotions overwhelmed her when she heard the news.

3.  Come directly from the hospital and tell them what happened.

4.  This set of problems is morbid.

Answers are 1. Mike 2. Emotions 3. You (understood) 4. set

In #3 You (understood) is the subject because it is a command.

As far as the play…We’ve talked about the theme of black vs. white in the South Side of Chicago.  We also mentioned the metaphor of the plant.  It’s on the cover of the book so it must be important, right?


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