New Quack Words, concrete details through quotes, and giving up on a dream…

A lot of students were out of class today due to the Explorer Test.  Catch up!

Here are the new words: 1. Querulous     2. Extol 3. Engender    4. Pugnacious 5. Obliterate           6. Quell 7. Copious         8. Artisan    9. Obscure       10. Kindle

You need to look them up on your own or copy them from a neighbor when you return to class if you were out.

We also discussed when it’s okay to give up on a dream.  We listened to DMB Big-Eyed Fish and discussed its theme about dreams and giving up:

Finally, we looked at concrete details from quotes on the following sheet:

(I realize that not everyone can take a book home so this is an optional sheet if you missed class for the Explorer Test.)


***Concrete details:  Quotes from a text that a writer uses to make a point or answer a question.

Name _____________________________


A Raisin in the Sun

Quotes as Concrete Details

Find three quotes that show that there is a lot of tension between Walter and his wife, Ruth.  They all must come from different pages, and they should not all be from the same character.  Write down the page number and make sure to use quotation marks.  Make sure you pick quotes that clearly show this tension (you can use the ellipses . . . )

1. Page #_________

2. Page #_________

3. Page #_________

List two examples of things (you can use quotes) that show that Walter and Beneatha have different philosophies/ideas about life, careers, men/women, etc.



What do the memories Lena shares tell us about Lena?  List three things we learn about her life from her memories (You’ll have to find them!)




There are multiple quotes that show the Younger family believes race is connected to wealth.  Find three of them and list who said them…





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