Quiz today! Then discussion over chapters 1 and 2…

If you missed the quiz you need to make it up ASAP!

 Static character does NOT change in the course of the story.

 Dynamic characters change and evolve in the course of the story. 

Which of our main characters will be dynamic?

We also discussed lyrical vs. naturalistic writing styles by Steinbeck.

Lyrical–flowery, poetic, softer language.  Most of the first page of the book is an example of this.

Naturalistic–realistic, down-to-earth style of writing.  See the first sentence of chapter 2 for an example.

We also discussed various characters.  Why doesn’t Curly’s wife have a name?  What is ironic about our main characters’ last names?  Is Slim a good guy?  And what’s up with some of the guys wanting to kill an old dog?

Also, Curly sure is pugnacious!  <—Quack word alert!


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