Best laid schemes…

Today we learn why our book is titled, “Of Mice and Men.”  It has to do with a poem by Robert Burns.  We will analyze the poem in groups and figure out how it connects to our book.  We will also listen to the way the original version of the poem was recited.

Today’s lesson is important because THIS WILL BE AN ESSAY QUESTION ON THE TEST!

We also took our first vocab practice quiz.  These are different than Quack quizzes.  They are words that are in the context of a passage and you must use the context clues to figure out what they mean.  We’ll do two practice runs over the next two weeks and then the third one will be for a grade.  This is a mandatory exercise in our language arts department that will help tune you up for the EOC tests in April.  I am not making the third test a huge grade, but it will still count as a small quiz.  (Sorry, I have to!)

Tomorrow:  Chapter 3 open-note quiz.  It is short answer!

See you at conferences tonight or next Wednesday!


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