Chapter 3 Quiz

Well, it was a lonely night at conferences but I understand–Cardinals and Blues!  Next Wednesday you have a second chance for a conference so please come visit with me.  (Otherwise I will sit here and devise evil schemes for our next unit)

Speaking of our next unit, poetry is coming!

As far as today’s lesson, I’m going to hand you guys the reigns again seeing as how well you worked in groups on Thursday.  You’ll discuss the following Chapter 3 questions:

1.  How did George feel after the last time he played a trick on Lennie?  Do you think it changed him at all?

2.  What three reasons does Carslon give Candy for why they should get rid of the dog?  What does this say about Carlson’s character or personality?

3.  Which character is most like Candy’s dog?  Why?

4.  George decides he’ll go to the cat house with the guys, but only for one drink.  What does this tell us about him?

5.  What makes George and Lennie’s dream come closer to reality?

6.  Describe why Lennie and Curly get in a fight…

7.  Lennie’s first reaction to the fight is to do nothing.  What does this tell us about him?  Why doesn’t he want to get in trouble?

8.  How does Slim convince Curley not to tell on Lennie?

9.  Do you agree with the idea that animals should be put to death if they are old and suffering?  Or should they be able to live out their life naturally?  Discuss…

Next week we get new Quack words, have a chapter 4 quiz on Tuesday and finish the book on Friday!  Rest up my chil’ren!  (hey, that’s dialect!)


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