Two-Chunk Paragraphs

Today’s writing lesson is vital to our year in writing.  A 2-chunk paragraph is the standard freshman writing tool for the body paragraphs of the research paper.  You’ll start with a topic sentence (TS) that answers the prompt.  it can be brief must make sure it answers what the questions is asking.

Then you need a CONCRETE DETAIL.  A concrete detail is where you take something from the text and quote/restate it.  This is not the opinion part of the text.  It cannot be argued because it’s from the text.

From there you add two lines of commentary.  These are the sentences that you write in your own words.  They support and explains why your concrete detail is evidence towards your topic sentence.  After those two you’ll write a SECOND concrete detail.  Then, two more commentary lines.

Finally, a conclusion sentence restates your main idea and concludes your paragraph.  You’ll have eight sentences total.

Here’s an example (Though my actual reasons are silly so that no one copies them).

QUESTION:  What are two things that make a friendship?

TS (state two things a friendship needs)

I believe a friendship needs to have good looks and money in order to be strong.

CD (state why one of those things is important)

A good looking friend can get you invited to parties.

CM (explain what that first thing will lead to)

This means you’ll be able to meet people from the opposite sex without having to have anything interesting to say.

 CM (explain another thing that first thing will lead to)

Also, good looking friends will help you get special treatment from the hosts of the party.


 CD (state why the second thing is important)

Another thing a friendship needs is money so that it doesn’t have financial limitations.


CM (explain what that second thing will lead to)

When a friend spends money on you, it proves they really care.


CM  (explain another reason that second thing is important)

In addition, activities that cost money for you and your friend will keep you busy enough to avoid having to have deep and intimate conversations.


CS  State again (in a different way) why those two things are important to a friendship.

Without good looks and money a friendship just isn’t complete.

Today we’ll be doing the same prompt and writing on a template for a two-chunk paragraph.

1st hour–quiz tomorrow!2nd and 4th hour–worksheet due tomorrow!


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