Chapter 5 and 6 (and Quack Quiz)

First hour has a quiz today (2nd and 4th escaped due to the fact that they’re reading!) on chapter 5.  Everyone else needs to turn in the chapter 5 worksheet.  We will discuss chapter five and then read chapter six as a class (spoiler alert: no happy ending!).  We will discuss symbolism of some things included in the final two chapters as well as the writing style (naturalistic or lyrical?).  Why did it have to end this way?

2nd hour won the Do Now “Apple” contest so they receive donuts.  I made a trip to Schnuck’s early this morning (they make it easy!) and bought 2 dozen in multiple varieties.  Congrats and a new contest begins on Monday!  (First one to 15 apple stickers wins next time!)

Symbolism to consider: 1. The bird that flies in and out of the barn. 2. The water snake in chapter 6 (also involving a bird!).

You will be given a worksheet on foreshadowing that is due on Tuesday!


Almost forgot–Quack Quiz today!


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