Writing Prompt for a grade!

Today we’re looking at two songs.  The first is Southern Man by Neil Young:

The second is Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd:

What is Neil Young saying about the South?  Is he promoting it or saying it needs to change?


What is Lynyrd Skynard saying about Neil Young’s song in the second verse?


Prompt:  Based on its connection to Neil Young’s Southern Man, can the song Sweet Home Alabama be considered racist? 

Two-chunk paragraph format:  10 points

Grammar:  10 points

Overall: 5 points


When you complete your paragraph, find someone else who has also finished.  Trade papers and find errors in their spelling, punctuation, grammar, etc.  Initial each other’s papers.  Repeat this process with someone else.  Tonight you will finalize your paragraph and be ready to type it in the writing center tomorrow. 

(We will review format of 2-chunk paragraphs today in class as well as paper formatting for heading, etc.)

Tomorrow we’ll head to the writing center and type our final drafts of the paragraph.


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