Quiz over sound devices

Quiz today over the sound devices we’ve been covering.  Even if you were absent yesterday, the quiz is still today for you.  Then we’re going to take on a fun little activity called “Embracing the Physical…”

1.  Decide which everyday object you’re going to be.  Remember:  Items that cause harm to others are not allowed (guns, knives, etc.).  Be original, don’t choose cellphone, iPod, iPad, etc.  Use something that doesn’t normally “think.”  Whatever item you choose will be the title of your poem.

2.  Think of five personal questions you would like to ask this item.

3.  Have your partner ask you each question.  You write down your answer as if you were that item.

4.  The answers become your poem.  You may keep or omit your questions as part of the poem.

You’ll come up with some pretty awesome lines of poetry using this method!


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