Spoken Word and 40-line poem assignment due Tuesday

Internal Rhyme–Rhymes within a line of poetry.  Ex.  The dogs jog through the fog.

Spoken Word  is used as a musical or entertainment term, referring to poems or performances that consist solely or mostly of one person speaking as if naturally.

Today we’ll watch some spoken word poetry.  Spoken word is the most popular type of performed poetry in America today.  Typically it is urban, raw, memorized, and uncensored.  It is full of emotion and has many different patterns though internal rhyme seems to be a trend.  It’s not always easy to find school-appropriate clips but I have some for class.  Here’s one we watched together:

Spoken word can be as “poetic-sounding” as you want (or don’t want).  It’s up to you.  Your assignment is to write a 40-line poem about something or someone you’re passionate about.  This 40-line poem needs to be typed, printed, and turned into me on paper by Monday, November 4.  Those are your only requirements.

**I invite you to watch more spoken word on youtube, but as a caution, there is a lot of graphic language so parents may want to screen the clips first.

Assignment:  Your assignment is to write a 40-line poem (or longer) using some of the techniques we have learned.  I would suggest using free verse, although rhymed verse is also acceptable.  If you choose rhymed verse, it needs to rhyme and have consistent rhythm.  The poem needs to be typed and printed out by Tuesday November 5 (I’m giving you an extra day from the calendar).  Though poetry lines can be short, please do not use poetic license to be lazy and shortcut your way through.  I’m not judging the quality of your poetry, but instead the effort (kind of like grade school art class).

On your typed poem you need to underline any allusions, metaphors, or similes and identify what they are in the margin on the right.  I would like a minimum of three examples of techniques (all three can be the same).  I would also like you to tell me which kind of verse it is (rhymed or free) somewhere at the bottom.

15 points—At least 40 lines, titled, and properly labeled at least three instances of techniques.

10 points—40 lines but not properly labeled techniques.

5 points—Way short on line lines and no attempt to label the techniques.


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