Happy Halloween featuring The Raven

Narrative Poetry—Poetry that tells a story and often includes the same elements (plot, characters, etc.)

Metaphor—Comparison of two unlike things.

His guilt was a noisy dog in the night preventing him from sleep.

Extended Metaphor—metaphor that extends for more than one line, often throughout an entire written piece

And then there’s also this classic…

If you’re absent today, look up the Raven on the internet and answer these questions on a sheet of paper:

  1. Do you think this poem is supposed to be funny? Do you find the speaker’s tale intense and dramatic, or ridiculous and over-the-top?                                                
  2. Do you talk to animals? Do you ever imagine them saying something back?                                                       
  3. On that note, do you think the speaker of this poem has really lost his mind, or does he just seem very, very sad to you?                                                                  
  4. Do you trust the speaker? Do you think he gives us an accurate version of reality, or is it possible that he is making up or distorting some of these things?
  5. Have you ever known someone (or been someone) whose love turned into obsession? Does this poem make you think about that experience?                            
  6.   Find three allusions, what kind are they?

  7. Also, don’t forget that the 40-line poem is due (typed) on Tuesday, not Monday. 

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