Sonnets and ballads…oh and that poetry slam thing!

English or Shakespearean Sonnet
14 line poem in iambic pentameter

*Final couplet (GG) gives final statement or resolution

*Love is the most common topic with sonnets


Italian or Petrarchan sonnet—Octave (8 lines), then sestet (6 lines) in iambic pentameter

abba abba cdecde (or cdcdcd)


Poetry Slam November 15 and 18!  (or 14th if you’re not going to be here those days)

All students were giving handouts explaining what this was about.  Rubric:


5-4 points

3-2 points

1-0 points

Stage Presence

Being ready when called upon;  Having a positive attitude towards performance;  Taking the stage with enthusiasm and maintaining it for the full time.

Hesitant when called upon.  Not bringing enthusiasm to your turn.  Taking too long to get ready. 

Resisting your turn.  Not being prepared to read.  Slowing down slam and killing the vibe with negativity. 


A brief yet effective explanation of who wrote poem, why it was chosen, and what it means to you. 

Forgetting to mention one of the facts about who, why and what.

Forgetting to mention more than one fact about who, why or what for the poem.


Reading it so everyone can comfortably hear your voice without strain.  Not stumbling on words.  Showing you’ve rehearsed and are completely comfortable with the poem.

Stumbling on a few words and/or not speaking at a high enough volume.

Speaking too softly; showing that you don’t know all of the words in your poem;  Long pauses because of unfamiliarity with poem.




Movement while reading; making eye contact occasionally with audience; showing above average emotion.

Showing average emotion, making minimal eye contact with audience, very little movement, somewhat dull performance.

Showing little to no emotion, standing still like a statue, no eye contact with audience.

Following Guidelines

Staying between 2-7 minutes without asking about time or looking at clock.  School appropriate language.  Audience guidelines are followed completely.

Not staying within time requirements, breaking language rule; talking in audience between acts.

Talking during acts, not reaching two minutes, being rude, etc.


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