Test tomorrow!

Today we’re doing what’s called a gallery walk.  The following items will be hung around the walls of my classroom and you will answer them.  It’s kind of like a study sheet only you get to move around…

A1.  Write an example sentence with alliteration.


A2.  Give two example of onomatopoeia with zoo animals.


A3.  Using the “U” sound like in the color “blue” write three other examples of assonance.


A4.  Compare a celebrity to an animal  using a simile.


B1. Use personification for something other than a desk in this classroom.


B2.  Describe someone who is very kind using indirect characterization.


B3.  Use a metaphor to finish the sentence. 

My dreams are a…


B4.  Write a haiku about a storm we’ve had.


B5.  Write a line about traveling with internal rhyme. 


C1.  Write some examples of imagery.  Use at least 2 different senses.


C2.  Name two poems (not songs) we’ve read in this unit…


C3.  Blank Verse is written in what meter?


C4.  You make the knees of my bees week…is an example of which sound device?


C5.  What kind of poem mourns a death?


C6.  Write a rhymed couplet.



Her hair made her look like Medusa.  What kind of reference is that?


D2.  When servants/slaves spoke in Shakespeare’s plays they used this non-poetic form.



Consonant sounds that repeat in the middle or end of the word are what?



What is this an example of?

He hid the horses.



Write a limerick!

E1.  An English Sonnet can also be called what?



E2.  A Petrarchan Sonnet can also be called what?


E3.  How many feet are in the following line?

“I am a pirate with a wooden leg.”

E4.  Write an 8 line poem in free verse.


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