When do we get a study guide?

This question is already being asked.  In my class, I don’t give out a traditional study guide?  Why?  Because that leads to students copying off of other students just to get something done and very little studying.  Instead, we’ll spend at least an entire class reviewing each part of the exam.  Speaking of those parts…here they are:

Part I–Of Mice and Men…We will review things like setting and other characteristics for the book we read last month.  It will be multiple choice and nothing too tough.  I suggest reviewing Of Mice and men by going to this link.  We’ll do a trivia or Jeopardy game with it if we have time.

Part II–Poetry.  These terms should be fresh in your mind.  Hopefully you saved your notes but in case you didn’t we’ll practice more alliteration, assonance, allusions, etc.

Part III–Close Reads–These are things you can’t really prep much more for.  You’ll get a short passage from Of Mice and Men and need to answer questions using context clues, inferences, and basic reading comprehension. 

Part IV–Parts of speech.  We covered these earlier in the year but we’ll review them as well.  You’ll need to know noun, verb, preposition, adjective, pronoun, conjunction, and interjection. 

Part 5 Vocab–These are quack words but they’re accompanied by context clues so it’s very easy to figure out what the words mean.  They’re the same quack words we’ve been using all year.

Section 6–paragraph writing.  We’re doing that right now.  Know how to write a 2-chunk paragraph, the difference between a TS, CD, CM, and CC as well as how many sentences a 2-chunk paragraph has (8). 

Part 7–Cold read.  You’ll read a short story and need to answer questions about inciting action, climax, characterization, setting, symbolism and a few more things we’ve covered all year.

Essay–You’ll need to answer something about 12 Angry Men which we’re reading in December.  You’ll need an intro paragraph wit ha thesis, a body paragraph, and a conclusion that restates the thesis.  Don’t forget to make citations as well (you’ll have the text there to read).



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