Intro and conclusion paragraphs

As mentioned, the essay on the final will need an intro and conclusion paragraph along with a body paragraph.  Today we’ll see a powerpoint on how to write those.  We’ll also finish up what we started yesterday and then get into groups based on which article you read.  Groups will formulate one complete paragraph with citations about their article.

Intro paragraph keys:
0Attention Grabber (quote, question, statistic, fact)
0Do not use first or second person: I, my, you , your, etc.
0Background Information
01-3 sentences
0Thesis w/ Essay Map
0Must be persuasive and arguable (don’t pick an obvious argument like Bullying is mean and needs to be stopped.)
0include sub topics
Keys to a conclusion:
0Restate thesis with out repeating
0Sum up sub topics
0POW! Statement
0A final thought
0A question that leaves the reader thinking
0Why does this topic matter?

*DO NOT introduce new information.



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