Late post today (this was supposed to post earlier)

Today and tomorrow we’re working more on finding concrete details and adding commentary.  We’ll also learn how to cite things.  This is important for the final exam!

First: Worksheet comparing CDs with CMs.  We’ll do this in class then go over the answers.

Second:  You will select one of six magazine articles that matches your reading level.  From there you will get a worksheet with these instructions:

1.  What is one of the main ideas of your article?  In other words, what point is it trying to make about the person or subject?

2.  Find a concrete detail (a line from the article) that helps to support whatever main idea you chose

3.  Write a topic sentence stating the main idea of the article (so basically your answer for #1). 

4. Now, using a lead in, form a complete concrete detail sentence including a citation (citations are author’s name and page number). 

5.  Write two sentences of your own commentary about how the concrete detail supports the main idea.  This time try to avoid using the phrase “This shows…”

***You will get today and at least part of tomorrow in class to complete this assignment.  You may not work in groups.  It should be very quiet in class.


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