Creative Writer’s Choice

(Sorry about yesterday’s stand-up comedy post that accidentally posted to this blog for a few moments!)

Today you get a choice on what you want to work on.  Here are the options.

You may write a sestina (we covered those at the end of the poetry unit and I’ll review them in class).


Write a holiday letter.  I will give a brief explanation on how to do that correctly.

Oh yeah, here are today’s terms (We start 12 Angry Men next Monday so you’ll need’em!)

  1. testimony- what is said and testified to in court.
  2. evidence- items that are taken from the crime scene to be used as a persuasive device
  3. unanimous- all jury members vote the same way (12-0 decision).
  4. cross examination-  when one side asks questions of the other side.  For example, the prosecutor questions the defendant.  Usually hostile.
  5. expert witness-  someone that is certified in a field that testifies (DNA Scientist, Psychiatrist, Coroner).

6. discrepancy – a difference between facts; the facts don’t match up accurately.  This can lead to reasonable doubt…


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