Notes today…

Copy these terms (sorry about the numbering errors!)


  1. discrepancy – a difference between facts; the facts don’t match up accurately.  This can lead to reasonable doubt…..
  2. motive – the reason that one does something—the reason the defendant committed the crime.

3. hung jury – the jury cannot come to unanimous decision.  The case can be retried.

4. alibi – a verifiable reason why the person did not commit the crime.

5. abstain – to not vote.This happens in Congressional votes.

1. acquittal – a not guilty verdict.  The defendant can’t be tried again on an acquittal.

2. verdict – the jury’s outcome or decision at the trial…..guilty or not guilty.

3. foreman – the juror who leads the rest of the jury in the decision process.

4. Fifth Amendment- defendant is not compelled to testify against him or herself.  The right to remain silent.

5. Warrant- permission given by a judge to search and/or seize

Here is more information you’ll need to know…

12 Angry Men


Written by Reginald Rose as a made for TV movie in the 1950’s.

–        intended to illustrate the workings of a jury deliberation room

–        Play is made up of 3 Acts

–        no scenes because the setting never changes








Rose purposely leaves several keys items vague

–       No Juror names.  Jurors represent personality types not specific people.

–       Setting is vague. It could have happened in any big city.  Hints that it is in Chicago.

–       No idea whether the boy committed the crime

–       We do not know the race, religion, or education level of the defendant


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