How to write an essay for the final…

Students will be given this guide to practice today.  They may also use this sheet on the final!

Tomorrow I will not be here so the students will be watching a movie involving a trial.

How to write your essay for the final:

Intro paragraph:  Start with a hook to capture the reader’s interest.  Then state why this topic is important.  Finally, end your intro paragraph with a thesis statement making your point and answering the prompt.

Body Paragraph:  Your topic sentence will be similar to your thesis.  Be sure it answers the question again and you can be specific here.  Follow it with a concrete detail which can be a quote from the text or something your paraphrase from the text.  DO NOT JUST PUT A QUOTE IN!  BE SURE YOU HAVE A LEAD IN!  At the end of the concrete detail be sure you cite it (Author 58).  After that give me two commentary sentences of phrasing in your own words.  Do not just tell me what happened, but explain how your concrete detail supports your topic sentence.

Conclusion paragraph:  Restate your thesis at the beginning of this paragraph but use different wording.  Follow it up on a reflection of your answer and why it’s important.  Try to finish on a profound statement.


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