Once again that essay…

You are one of the 12 Angry Men and have to justify your vote of guilty or not guilty.  Write an introduction paragraph that includes a thesis.  Write a one-chunk body paragraph that includes one cited concrete detail to support your decision, and a conclusion paragraph that restates the thesis.


Here is the rubric I’m grading this question on per request of the LA department.  (We all use the same rubric)




Ideas (x2)

____controlling idea / meaningful thesis begins to narrow focus

____shows some complexity and/or freshness of thought

____CMs and CDs specific and developed while avoiding repetition

____variety of type of CDs (at least two quotations)


Organization (x2)

___clear beginning, middle, and end with an effective introduction and conclusion

____clear thesis statement governs the entire essay; important ideas stand out

____uses cohesive devices (transitions, etc.) between and within paragraphs

____Uses paragraphing effectively



__correct citations used when needed

__ smooth, varied lead-ins introduce quotations

___slight/ no mistakes in capitalization, verb tense, spelling, or punctuation[1]





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