Today’s quiz…

For today’s Do Now you’ll need to turn in some work. 

Decide if the following sentences are active or passive voice.  Then rewrite them using the opposite…

1.  The hay was eaten by the horses.

2.  The sunlight turned a patch of grass brown.

As mentioned in the previous entry, it’s important to know a lot about a certain scene. 

We’ll be doing group discussion over that scene as well.  This is one of the most well-known and best written scenes in American Literature. Here are some key questions we’ll discuss in groups…

1.  Why is situation described as “sickenly comic” aspect of an unfunny situation?

2.  What does it mean when Atticus says, “Do you really think so?”  When else had he said that?

3.  How does Scout’s interaction with Mr. Cunningham change the entire situation?

4.  How does telling this scene in a child’s point of view influence the scene?

5.  Explain the irony of how the whole situation turned out…


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