New Quack Words…

Quack words:

 Lethargy               Predator

 Recondite             Coalesce

Conspicuous             Exalt

Archaic                      Exult

Imminent             Extraneous

Quiz Friday.

In chapters 8-11 we read multiple instances of Atticus giving his children life lessons.  Find three examples and write the following down next to the page number for each…

1.  What did Scout or Jem do/say/think that was wrong?

2.  What does Atticus say about the matter?

3.  What is the ultimate life lesson you take from him as a reader?

There is also an activity on a worksheet about characterization we’ll be working on.  The point of these things is to learn some meaning behind the book.  What are the life lessons and how can they be applied to our own lives. 

Characterization is part of the EOC process so it’s always important to learn.


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