Grades are updated

I went through and dropped the lowest quiz grade for the students who qualified.  You’ll see one of your quizzes as “exempt” so its points will not matter.  If I dropped the wrong one, shoot me an email and I’ll fix it early next week.  I should probably find a way to recognize those who averaged an A on all 6 quizzes.  We had a couple of students only miss one or two questions the entire time!  Look for those next week.  Try to finish that study guide over the weekend to help you stay familiar with those earlier chapters.  Again, I’m not collecting it because it’s for your own use.

Next week will greatly impact your grade with the test and the essay so rest up, my students!


(p.s. I’m not proofreading this entry because it’s almost 5:00 on a Friday and I’m ready to head home.)


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