Examples for the test…

Mature vs. Immature

1.  Scout wanting to squash bug, Jem defending it

2.  Scout wanting to tout about her father’s gun skills vs. Jem saying to keep it secret

3.  The kids building the Mr. Avery snowman to mock him vs. Boo creating the soap figures

4.  Scout fighting Cecil Jacobs vs. Scout walking away after talking with Atticus

5.  The kids hating Mr.s Dubose vs. Atticus explaining why she’s so brave

6.  Scout doesn’t understand everything with hole in tree vs. Jem cries because he does

7.  Early on they’re afraid of “haints” vs. laughing about it on the walk home

8. Being afraid of Boo Radley vs. walking Mr. Arthur home

9.  Letting Dill hide under the bed vs. Jem telling Atticus that he’s there



Irony examples…

-A little girl breaks up a mob with her kindness

-Atticus asking the mob to be quiet so Tom can sleep…as they’re there to kill him

-Boo Radley is their greatest fear for a lot of the book and he ends up saving their lives at the end

-Scout’s teacher says persecuting the Jews is very wrong but can be heard saying racist things after the guilty verdict.


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