The writing prompt

Prompt:  Who is the hero of TKAM and why?  During the story Scout, Jem, Atticus, Boo and maybe even a few others do heroic things.  In your opinion who is the main hero (choose only one) in the story?  Type a four-paragraph essay explaining your answer.  Use an introduction with a thesis, two one-chunk body paragraphs, and a conclusion paragraph to write your answer.  ***40 points***

Things to remember:

–Do not isolate your quotes

–Indent your four paragraphs

–Double space your essay (CTRL+A then CTRL+2)

–Use citations correctly (there should be two of them)

–Do not write in first person.  In other words, “I think…To me…” are unacceptable

–Revise, revise, revise!

*Do not worry about a title or heading, just have your name at the top of the paper




ÿ       My paper has an effective beginning, middle and end.

ÿ       My paper includes effective use of paragraphing.

ÿ       My paper stays on topic.

ÿ       My paper flows smoothly from one idea to another.

ÿ       My paper contains a strong controlling idea.

ÿ       My paper includes specific and relevant details, reasons, and examples.

ÿ       My paper uses precise and vivid language.

ÿ       My paper contains sentences that are clear and varied in structure.

ÿ       My paper includes correct grammar/usage, punctuation, capitalization and spelling.


***Essays are due Friday in class if you want a chance to revise after the first time I grade them.  Otherwise I will accept them Tuesday Feb. 18 at the latest with no chance of revision.

Scoring:  You will be given a score of 0-10 on the following items…

Grammar and Punctuation_____        Formatting and citations_____ 

Paragraph structure_____                  Overall writing (word choice, transitions, voice)_____


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