Romance and hate! (Happy Valentine’s Day)

Do Now:  Happy Valentine’s Day…What makes something romantic?

Write down your opinion of three things/elements/actions that make something romantic.

What do we know (or think we know) about William Shakespeare?

What do we know (or think we know) about Romeo and Juliet?  Where do you hear them mentioned a lot?

Is the play Romeo and Juliet a great example of romance?

What elements of romance does this video contain?

Now let’s talk about hate…

What makes people hate others?

Is hatred ever healthy?

Are there different levels of hate?

(See above for pyramid of hate)

How are we going to make sense of this play?

  • Intro to Shakespeare and the play
  • Summarize every two pages in note boxes
  • Watch movie of each act before we read
  • Follow along with in-class reading
  • Sparknotes?  Sure!

The key will be following along while others read!  I can’t give a part to every student every day.

We’ll also do an activity that show how important following along is.


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