Messy week, messy schedule

OK, here’s the deal.  We need to get through Act I but today we’re being forced to take a practice EOC test of 8 questions down in the writing center.  I don’t know if we’ll have time to rush back up to the room and finish all of Act I.  Not to mention there’s a fire drill 2nd hour so that throws that class 15 minutes behind (sheesh!).  Tomorrow I will have a sub in class because all of the teachers who teach sophomores (I have them too!), have to sit in a room and grade all the practice EOC essays they had to write last week.  Form your own guesses as to how I feel about all this state testing : )   …anyway, if we don’t finish Act I in class today the Act I quiz will be postponed until next week.  However, with the sub here on Friday and you WILL have your Shakespeare quiz so study that Powerpoint we went over on Tuesday.  You CANNOT use notes on the quiz but it is re-takeable IF you turn in homework on time today.  Got it?

I’m probably going to have 1st and 4th hour meet at the writing center (not second because we have that fire drill first).  Ugh, I’m exasperated with this stuff!


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