Let’s try this again

(See yesterday’s plan!)

After today anyone who missed something on the Works Cited Quiz should be able to retake it with no problem!

Also:  Here is a copy of the magazine talk assignment:

Nonfiction Magazine Project
Your job is to find a magazine article from home or online that interests you. It can be about anything (school appropriate) and there’s no length requirement. You’ll familiarize yourself with the article and become an expert on what it’s about. Then, instead of a book talk, you’ll give us (at least) a 2-minute magazine article talk. Here are some things to talk about:
–A summary and main of the article –Why it interests you
–Opposing viewpoints –Possible bias from writer
–Background info on the story –Your opinion on the matter
Your goal should be to make everyone in the room want to read the article and judge for themselves.
I want enthusiasm, knowledge of your article, and a class full of interesting presentations that won’t make your classmates zone out.
Though I don’t encourage using a Powerpoint, you may add a visual aid on the rare occasion that it’s necessary to demonstrate your article’s main idea. Most of you won’t need any visual aids though. These will begin Tuesday April 22!
***During the presentation you MUST give me a copy of your article as you present.

25-22 points–Student fills time requirement, seems very knowledgeable and is able to form an opinion as well as answer questions on the article. Student brings appropriate amount of enthusiasm and speaking voice to the presentation.
21-18 points—Student fills time requirement, can answer most questions and is somewhat knowledgeable about the article. Able to answer most questions and brings some enthusiasm.
17-0 points—Student doesn’t fill time requirement, lacks knowledge on the topic and/or lacks appropriate amount of enthusiasm.


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