1st hour new assignment

Satire Show and Tell!

*You have the option of working with one partner on this.  No groups of three!

This will be your chance to share a piece of satire you enjoy. You get 4-10 minutes to show the entire class whatever you choose as satire. This can be a comic strip, a Youtube clip, a song with lyrics, a written piece, or even a work of art. You can even create something yourselves.

There are restrictions of course. The satire must be class appropriate meaning it cannot include any discriminatory slurs, drug references, highly sexual content, or other obviously offensive materials that are not permitted in our loving school environment.

In your presentation you need to:

  1. Present your material (video, text, song, etc.)
  2. Describe what or who the satire is aimed at
  3. Explain which form of satire it is and why
  4. Identify which techniques from our satire Powerpoint it uses.
  5. Answer questions from the class and teacher

For your presentation you may use handouts, a Powerpoint, Youtube clips, lyrics, or a clip from a DVD.

***All “iffy” materials must be emailed to me ahead of time for approval***

This assignment is worth 20 points in your “writing” category (since you’re writing about the satire and relaying that information to the rest of us).

3/4/7 Remember, keep editing your short story project.  Our Night test will be either Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.  I’ll have a study guide for you on Monday.


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