1st hour–after a quick real-life exercise involving 1984 we’ll start viewing American Dreamz…It’s a satire for sure!

Honors–We’ll cover sound devices in poetry today as well as a reviewr, if on allusion.  Then we’ll look at a ton of poems, figure them out (or not), and learn to annotate.  Sound boring?  It’s not–I fill most of the pieces with music I like (therefore it’s good).  : )

Remember, your 40-line poem is due Monday.  Write about something you’re passionate about, but don’t make it too obvious, of course.  Be poetic!  Don’t forget that rubric I posted earlier.

If you want to revise your paper because you scored under a 40, conference with me at some point and turn it in soon.  (I’m busy with improv club after school today, but before/after any other day works).


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