Final week (well kinda)

1st hour–The papers seemed to be very polarized.  A’s and F’s were the most popular grades.  Not much in the middle.  Hmm.  We’ll get a study guide tomorrow. After taking today’s EOC practice today you’ll go to and sign in.  (You should have registered earlier this year, but if you didn’t, go ahead and do that.)

The class code is: 9cv8ekdc

Take the 4 quizzes after your EOC practice and then conclude those tonight please.  We should have a nice week to review a lot of grammar and other skills.

If you want to redo your paper (only if you turned it in on time), then conference with me before or after school one of these days… or during 3rd lunch.  If none of these times work, meet with me during class to schedule one.  There’s a chance we can knock it out in class during study guide work.

Honors–good news, no quiz today!  Next time we meet, there will be one final quiz over chapters 11-14 so be sure you get caught up in reading.  Same deal with Life of Pi.  We’ll finish it tonight and be ready for final quiz tomorrow.  I’ll make it count (20+ points).  As far as final review, that’s coming as well.

Meet at testing center today (library).


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