If you missed the timed write…

These were the prompts that we used for the two books.  Choose one, type it, 4 paragraphs…

  1. In the beginning of the book, Martel insists that this is a story “to make you (or any reader) believe in God” (Author’s Note). Do you agree or disagree with this assertion? State your reasons…
  2. Which version of the story do you think actually happened? Either answer is correct, but be sure to list at least 4 concrete details as to why you think so.
  3. Magical realism played a role in this book’s theme. Discuss the examples of it and how they contributed to the main theme of the novel.
  1. Explain how names contribute to the themes and symbolism in Song of Solomon. Choose four names and explain Morrison’s choice of these names and how they contribute.
  2. Flying is one of the main themes in Song of Solomon. Discuss this with at least four concrete details from the text. What is the main message that Morrison is trying to convey with this?
  3. Magical realism contributes throughout Song of Solomon. Describe how Morrison uses it effectively to convey her theme or message. Don’t just point it out, but explain its raw purpose in the text. Use at least four examples.

Choose one question from the book you read and write a four-paragraph literary analysis to answer it (intro, two body paragraphs, and conclusion).


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