1st hour will be going to the library for book talks.  You need to find a novel to begin reading over the weekend.  I’ll assign you the first thirty pages of your book, but you can read ahead.  It’s your choice!

As we discussed in The Odyssey, there are quite a few life-related lessons.  We saw how the Lotus Eaters relates to drug addiction in today’s society, we’ll see other forms of temptation in the upcoming units.  Be sure you’re taking notes as we read.  A number of things were looked in #5-7 answers yesterday.

Honors–4th block will watch Fed Up as the other two classes have.  Pretty scary stuff!  Just a waiver–I’m not judging the way you eat, I’m just trying to inform you on what seems like a pretty realistic problem we’re having in America.  If it ruffles any feathers, please feel free to talk to me about it.

Have a good weekend!


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