1st hour–we got a new assignment so this will be due on Friday…

By now you know what an allusion is. The Odyssey is second only to the Bible as far as creating things that are alluded to in our society. Your job is to find an allusion from the Odyssey used in our society today and write a paragraph about it including a picture. To write the paragraph you need to state what the example of the allusion is. Then give some background information about that allusion from our story. Next, explain what the service or product is/does in today’s world and explain the connection and why it might be named after something in The Odyssey. Finally, post a picture of this modern-day product/service below your paragraph including a link to the website you got it from. For a heading I only need your name and class hour. You should not have a title because it’s only a paragraph. Please do not use the Sponge Bob episode for your paragraph. Find a commercial product or service.

The assignment is worth 20 points.

20-18: Filling all requirements and choosing an original allusion. Proper grammar and format are also used.

17-15: Forgetting one or two key elements from above.   Grammatical errors, etc.

14-0: Forgetting multiple elements or distracting amount of grammatical errors.


___My paragraph has all of the elements and is like the example (please double-space)

___I included a picture AND the website I got it from

___I have proofread and revised my paragraph to eliminate errors

___I have a heading that includes my name and class hour

Also, remember the vocab quiz is Friday which is when the above assignment is due.  We’ll get some writing center time for it tomorrow.

We also continued reading the rest of part one of our story.  Helios kills all of his men!

Honors:  We read some multiple articles and worked on relaying information that we read to others.  After all, what’s the point of reading information if you can’t spread it?  We’ll also work on how to make a Works Cited page and then do a little trick to see if our thesis is worth a darn.  (Write the anti-thesis)

Also–I was on TV!  haha  :50 in…



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