On the news!


Today first hour will review the basic literary devices which will be included on tomorrow’s Odyssey test.

Honors–2 of the classes will be in the writing center, one will start satire…and then flip-flop later in the week.  (7th starts satire today).  You’ll get a prompt for the practice EOC, and then you’ll get time to work on your paper.  Since 7th hour doesn’t get this time until Thursday, I’m making their paper due at the end of the day Thursday instead of the start.

Here are your turnitin.com codes by class:

3rd hour: 9258490

4th hour: 9258505

7th hour: 9258514

The password for all three classes is: Durhamrocks

What…what password would you choose.  I rock!  (See above link as proof!)

So please turn in a paper copy of your paper on either Thursday (3rd and 7th) or Friday (4th), but all must have it turned in on turnitin.com for it to be labeled on time.  Again, it must score below a 70 for a redo and you must conference with me first.  Got it?  Also, please turn in the rubric with your paper copy of it.


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