The deadline to all things research paper for honors is Friday at 3:05.  If it’s not in, revised, etc. by then it’s set in stone on Infinite Campus.  If you’re eligible to revise, come conference with me for 5-10 minutes before or after school.  Or find me in the writing center 2nd hour on C days (except every other Friday…I know, confusing).  I’m around though.  I want everyone who is eligible to revise to take advantage of that, you just need to do it in a timely fashion.

We’ll continue to look at satire examples along with dystopian pieces over the next week or so which will lead us into a satire movie (yeah, movie days!).

1st hour–We’ll stay on track to start Night in the middle of next week.  I’ll get a reading schedule made up.  It’s a short book so there will probably only be one quiz and then the test.

*We’ve had a LOT of sick students this month, so if you missed a class it’s your responsibility to find me and makeup whatever you missed.


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