Note to honors…

I know people get sick, but if you’re truly worried about your college transcripts, your attendance is vital.  People get sick once or twice a year.  Many of you are missing school (and it’s marked “illness”) 5 or more times already.  It’s January!  No one gets sick that often and then miraculously returns the next day.  The problem is it causes me a lot of extra work.  Makeup quizzes, altering them from the original because no you don’t get to take the same one your buddies took 24 hours later.  I’ve stopped hunting people down for missing assignments.  You have 1 weeks from the time you return to make most of them up or if I DO remember, you’re expected to take the quiz right then.  Otherwise, it’s completely unfair to your classmates who are staying on schedule.  Missing school easily becomes a bad habit.


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