Throwback Thursday

I’ll be sporting my silver Guess jeans from 2000 today with my ’94-’95 basketball warm-up shirt!

1st hour–reviewing vocab and silent reading.  Night quiz chapters 1-4 on Tuesday the 10th.

Honors–Vocab quiz, finish brainstorming, and then we’ll work on writing satire.  We might start American Dreams today as well.  I haven’t decided.  Monday is your next 1984 quiz over Part 2 iv-vii.

Here is your in-class satire assignment:

Satire prompt: Your job is to write a one page satire on something you’ve complained about. You can make it a short scene, a sarcastic guide on how to do something, or a play. The key to writing good satire is to exaggerate the faults of something.

For example, if you were to write about how slowly some people walk in the hall you would write a scene about two students who actually pull out beds and sleep in the crowded hallway during passing time. Or maybe a student who walked so slowly that when he finally gets to class, the teacher says, “You were on my roster two years ago. Glad you finally made it.”

Exaggerate the faults until they are completely absurd!

Please do not use “slow walkers” as your satire. It’s been covered.


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