Things to study over the weekend…

You’ll study, right?  : )

1984 quiz on Monday for honors.  We’ll meet in the library first for EOC practice.  We’ll finish American Dreamz on Tuesday/Wednesday block so don’t lose that sheet that accompanies it.  We’ll also get a chance to share some of the satire drafts.  Thursday/Friday will include a small writing assignment in the writing center.  Read and you’ll be fine.

Note this:  We’ll take the 1984 test the class after President’s Day.  We’ll review at the end of next week but it’s basically this:  If you read the book you’ll be fine.  There are satire questions as well.  I feel we’ve fully comprehended the concepts of satire and dystopia.  Fun stuff!

1st hour–We’ll talk more about memoir next week.  Practice EOC in library lab on Monday and then you’ll be given reading time.  Quiz over chapters 1-4 on Tuesday and then I’ll introduce the LONIP paper which we’ll work on in the writing center on Wednesday (provided I remembered to sign us up for it).  We’ll also play with different memoir lengths and have a fun contest.


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