The week…

1st hour–Quiz Tuesday and group discussion.  We’ll then take a mini-history lesson and see some pictures of the concentration camps.  I’m going to assign LONIP which I think you’ll love as far as narratives go.  We’ll hold a contest on Wednesday now, be in the writing center on Thursday, and watch some graphic cartoons (like graphic novel, not graphic like gory) on Friday.  Keep reading Night after tomorrow of course and I’ll tell you when the test is next week.

Honors–First block will be finishing the satire movie, American Dreamz and filling in the sheet.  We’ll discuss the chapters we quizzed today and do a little EOC prep as well.  I’ll also assign the satire option of presentation or paper.  Both are fun and not too difficult.

2nd block will start in the writing center on Thursday.  Your “quiz” will be a 15-point writing assignment and then you’ll get some time to work on your satire paper/project.

We’ll head back to the room the last half hour and finish up 1984 talk before next week when we have the unit test.  Maybe we should head back a little before 30 minutes ’till, huh?

If you made it this far, here’s your bonus.


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