next week

Well, doesn’t look like that snow day is happening now (stupid weather!).

1st hour–Tuesday Quiz up through chapter 6 in Night and quiz on Active/Passive Voice, Night study guide given.  New vocab as well (due next Monday).

Wednesday–writing center to work on LONIP

Thursday–LONIP due–study guide answers with group, Holocaust movie

Friday–Test on Night and finish Holocaust movie

Honors–Tuesday/Wednesday 1984/Satire test.  We may also get to see some satire presentations and there will be new vocab (due next Monday).

Thursday/Friday–We’ll begin our Shakespeare unit and A Midsummer Night’s Dream Act I.  We’ll read Act I as a class, and then as we get further into it, we’ll read in groups.  I’ve decided not to quiz you on the Acts individually, but instead put all that on the test.


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