Weekend update

I’m getting some emails about the satire project this weekend which is not a problem–I’m glad you’re working on it!  Be sure to have me check it to make sure it’s not pushing it too far.  Be sure your material isn’t offensive or insensitive to anyone.  Remember, the best satire can be enjoyed by the target, too.

It’s due on Thursday or Friday depending on which block you have.

IF THERE IS A SNOW DAY on Tuesday…Most likely Wednesday will become an A day and we can still take the test with no time problems (it’s only 34 questions).  Remember, scroll down a few entries for what to study.

1st hour–Remember, Nigh quiz up through chapter 6 and an active/passive quiz as well.  Google any powerpoint on active/passive, or email me if you can’t find one.

See you guys soon.

*Oh, and I had 4 sets of parents make it to my shows this weekend!  Thanks!


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